Material, colors, conservation, stains. Take note of our tricks and tips for painting walls before getting down to work.

A good organization is one of the keys to success when it comes to painting a house. Do not lose detail.

  • Covers floors and furniture with plastic. Avoid paper or fabrics since paint can get through them. Have a wet mop handy in case the paint reaches the floor, and use it as soon as you fall.
  • Prepare the painting. Remove with an old beater, from the bottom up, never in circles, until a uniform color is obtained. If the paint is very thick, do not add water from the beginning, heat the pot to the water bath first. With this, we will get the paint back to be liquid without watering it.
  • Ceilings Start there for dripping drops on the walls. Paint it following the rays of natural light, from the window in the background; the defects are hidden.
  • Walls They are painted from top to bottom. Divide them into sections and paint them neatly, leaving the edges blurred so that the joints are not visible.
  • Open doors and windows for proper ventilation. The smell will disappear, leaving in the room half an onion in cold water or a bowl of milk.


  • Take time to decide the colors. Study the dimensions and use of each room.
  • Choose relaxing tones for the bedroom (blue, green, yellow), neutral for the living room (sands, whites, creams), and vibrant for the kitchen (reds, oranges). In the bathrooms, let your imagination fly.
  • Samples Paint Test at Home Depot the paint on the wall to check its effect in situ and study the samples at different times and with natural and artificial light.


  • In the clothes. If it is fresh, it comes out with turpentine, but be careful how you use it since it can also deteriorate the color of the clothes. If not, soak it in soap and water and scrape it with a knife when it softens. Finish eliminating it with turpentine.
  • In the crystals. Avoid stains by rubbing them with vinegar or half onion.
  • In the wood. Take clean oven, let it act 15 min. and rub with a cloth.